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Is there any way to get monsters to give up chasing you? It seems like if you aggro something bigger than you can handle, you're on the run for the rest of the game.

1. Get to the castle, save and restore.

2. Get to the healer, heal up and hopefully you'll be able to beat the monster with restored health.

But yes, it's not something I considered. Thank you for pointing that out! I'll try to think of a way to deal with it.

Awesome! Boy I wish I could do stuff like this! So much like Ultima!

This game is amazing. I have nothing else to say.

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Dear matzieq 

I am desperate.

I MUST play your game but no Button works! Arrows dont work. Circle nor cross Button work ..i could only see the main screen with the knight and the dungeon but i couldnt move .. on the screen with „new gamę „ - I try to Click on it and nothing ..Please Help me dry tears on my cheeks and resolve ..( iphone6S)

Best of Best regards ...

PS i love it Anyways cause the music still works !

...okay, it works on comp! 

but ...  how do i shoot the spiders??

Happy to report that the iOS issues with pico-8 games embedded on have been solved with the latest release of pico-8. You can now safely enjoy this tiny game on the tiny screen of your apple device :)