This is an early draft submitted for the weekly game jam.

We're now deep into alpha, with version 0.1.3 released. See the dev log for more (I know you want)!

Find the three shards of the magic mirror and defeat the mad sorcerer in his lair to set your land free.

It's a tiny (as Pico-8 allows) RPG with open world, dungeons and (simplistic) puzzles made in a couple of evenings by a barely awake dad of an almost-1-year old, with the incredible support of his amazing wife (and said 1-year-old).

Play with arrows and z/x (if you know Pico-8, you know the drill).

Bump into things to do stuff.

Press X to view stats, and Z to dismiss text windows. I don't know why we need two buttons, it was early in the morning.

Updated 9 days ago
Published 22 days ago
AuthorPresident of Space
GenreRole Playing
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Top Down Adventure, Turn-based

Development log


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This game is amazing. I have nothing else to say.

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Dear matzieq 

I am desperate.

I MUST play your game but no Button works! Arrows dont work. Circle nor cross Button work ..i could only see the main screen with the knight and the dungeon but i couldnt move .. on the screen with „new gamę „ - I try to Click on it and nothing ..Please Help me dry tears on my cheeks and resolve ..( iphone6S)

Best of Best regards ...

PS i love it Anyways cause the music still works !

...okay, it works on comp! 

but ...  how do i shoot the spiders??